Connecting the Missing Link: Bringing Together Global Philanthropists and Global Community Philanthropy Organizations

In a project begun in 2011, Synergos brought together individual philanthropists and leaders of community philanthropy organizations (CPOs) from around the world to learn about and understand the potentially transformative benefits of forming partnerships to address societal problems. The project, which was supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, included:

The project found that CPOs can expand the impact of individual philanthropists by:

Lessons learned from working in multi-stakeholder partnerships are valuable tools for philanthropists and CPOs to study and share together.

Other project findings include that:

This project has opened a number of doors to creating opportunities for community foundations and philanthropists to extend their reach as well as significantly increase the impact of their work. It has substantially raised awareness and has also created safe spaces for constructive dialogue on how to move forward in working together. These spaces can now be transformed into more practical “laboratories” to address community problems.

A report, written by Ann Graham, with detailed findings is available:

June 2015