What does Synergos do? We bring people together to overcome complex problems of poverty – watch video

Our Approach

Elements of work applied at individual, community/inistitution, and partnerhip levels to improve lives
Synergos works with communities, leaders, institutions and partnerships to generate, test and implement appropriate ideas that lead to sustainable and systemic change – Learn more

Charity Navigator Four Star Charity

News & Updates

Interview with Peggy Dulany
Devex talks with Synergos’ founder Peggy Dulany about why she created Synergos and the genesis of our partnership approach - Read more (March 2016)

Pooling risk and resources to support impact investment
Global Giving Matters looks at how MCE Social Capital is enabling philanthropists to leverage their wealth in supporting impact investment - Read article (December 2015)

In it for the long-haul
John Heller of Synergos Consulting Services looks at how corporate sustainability professionals can maintain themselves in a sustainable way - Learn more (November 2015)

Video: Namibia: Improving Maternal and Child Health
See how Synergos takes a whole-systems approach to saving the lives of women and children in Namibia - Watch video (October 2015)

More News & Updates