Synergos Board Member
Raza Jafar

Raza, founder of EIG (Emirates Investment Group), Enshaa, Empire Aviation, and other businesses, has supported philanthropic ventures since early adulthood. He endeavors to conduct all his commercial and nonprofit business in a sustainable and efficient manner. He aims to adhere to the triple-bottom-line principles of economic, social and environmental impact.

Raza believes in the classic meaning of philanthropy, in having compassion for humanity. In collaboration with his local and international peers, he strives every day to help resolve issues close to his heart such as modern-day slavery and poverty alleviation through education and job creation.

Born in 1965, he found success in a number of business ventures in Pakistan before moving to Dubai in 2000. Raza honed his entrepreneurial skills over this time in different industries. He has used those attributes to support charitable causes for the last 30 years and inspired colleagues, friends and his children to become actively involved in global charities such as Education for Employment, Walk Free, IDP Foundation, Synergos, and the Global Philanthropists Circle.

Raza applies his talents for identifying opportunities, strategising and finding solutions in business, to his non-profit work. He supports the institutions mentioned above with his “strategic philanthropy” model; not only making a financial commitment but also investing time, his global network and experience to encourage efficiency and result-driven outcomes. He believes in helping charities find a sustainable financial model and looks to work with focused, mission-orientated teams in order to make the maximum impact.