Instituto Synergos México celebrates first year


For more than 25 years, Synergos has worked with local partners to help overcome poverty in Mexico. In May of 2014, Instituto Synergos Mexico was legally incorporated with local tax-deductible nonprofit status.

We thank our supporters and partners as we celebrate the successful first year of Instituto Synergos México. Highlights include:

Left to right: Ignacio Soto Borja, Mayra Hernández, Peggy Dulany, Mónica Tapia, and Ricardo Betancourt.

Instituto Synergos México is overseen by four board members: Ricardo Betancourt, Mayra Hernández, the Synergos Institute represented by Peggy Dulany, and Mónica Tapia, Synergos' Director, Mexico. Ms. Hernández and Mr. Betancourt are key funders of our work, and our office space is donated in part by Ignacio Soto Borja.

For more information, contact Mónica Tapia at

May 2015