Support Local Response to the Earthquake in Nepal

A team of doctors has collaborated with Women for Human Rights in Chhahari and other camps around Kathmandu.

The earthquake that hit Nepal on April 26 is known to have killed more than 5,000 people, with many more injured and tens of thousands left homeless.

You can help immediate response to the disaster and long-term recovery by supporting Nepalese organizations and their international partners.

One such Nepalese organization is Women for Human Rights, led by Synergos Senior Fellow Lily Thapa. WHR has identified the most vulnerable women -- pregnant women, lactating mothers, and the elderly -- as the focus of its relief efforts. It is working under extremely difficult and dangerous conditions to provide critical services.

Another Nepalese organization working on the response is Tewa, which supports sustainable development and women’s empowerment.

Please consider supporting WHR and Tewa. You can also give through to Nepalese groups in general through the Global Fund for Women, and US-based nonprofit with a deep history of helping women’s groups around the world respond to local needs.

May 2015