The Synergos approach gets results.

In this age when the focus of attention is often on how to achieve a quick return on investment by addressing the symptoms of poverty, there are few organizations willing and able to tackle the underlying causes. Too few commit to the big, systems-changing interventions that bring about significant and sustainable solutions that problems of poverty, disease, and hunger require.

Synergos has developed an approach to do this. We know the results that follow when key stakeholders find common purpose, build trusting relationships, and jointly take responsibility for interventions that make real change possible.

We’ve seen the changes that result from our large-scale partnerships, such as in Namibia, where we’ve worked with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, the private sector, and international organizations to help reduce child and maternal mortality by almost 15%.

Child being weighedIn the state of Maharashtra, India, a Synergos partnership contributed to the rate of stunting among children under two falling from 39% to 23%.
We’ve seen it in one of the largest states in India, where we helped government work with businesses, NGOs, and communities to reduce severe malnutrition for half a million kids.

We’ve seen it in Ethiopia, where millions of small farmers have access to better seeds, fertilizers, and planting methods that lower their costs and increase yields.

We’ve seen it also in the support we’ve provided to social entrepreneurs who have expanded valuable services to more than a million people in need. One example is Rana Dajani of Jordan, who has expanded her project helping kids learn to love reading from one neighborhood in Amman to 350 sites all across Jordan, including in camps for Syrian refugees. And her model has spread to 25 countries, benefiting tens of thousands of children.

We need supporters like you.

These kinds of lasting impacts comes from the work of years, not months. Meaningful systems change requires interventions that do not easily fit within a two-year grant cycle; in fact, serious damage can occur when efforts are launched and then abandoned, unfinished.

We need supporters who believe in long-term interventions and who know that through collaboration we can make a lasting impact on the people who need us most.

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Synergos is a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed under U.S. law. We have a four-star rating – the highest – from Charity Navigator.

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