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Your contribution can change the systems that keep people in poverty around the world. Here are some examples of how we will put your donation to work.

Reducing the isolation of orphans and vulnerable children in Mozambique and South Africa

Enabling communities to better care for orphans and vulnerable children affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis in Southern Africa is a major focus of our work. In South Africa and Mozambique, we’ve partnered with local groups in an approach that combines traditional and Western practices to enable communities to reduce the isolation and vulnerability of children in distress, and maximize the social inclusion of children and caregivers. And in South Africa we are also supporting a network of leaders from government and civil society to develop new approaches to the problems children face in that country.

Supporting social entrepreneurship in the Middle East

Rana Dajani

“Synergos increased my social impact immensely – from one neighborhood in Amman to 80 in ten different areas in Jordan, including villages and towns mostly from underprivileged areas. From one storyteller to 330 trained storytellers, from serving 100 children to serving 4,000 children. My model is known and implemented on an individual basis in UAE, Tunisia, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.”

Our Arab World Social Innovators program helps pioneers of change in the region scale-up their creative approaches to issues such as education, women’s empowerment, employment, sustainable agriculture, and the needs of disabled people.

The first group of 22 Social Innovators increased the number of people they serve by over 20%, and over 60% of the Innovators are serving a new segment of the population since entering the program. Recruiting is underway for a second class of Innovators from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and the United Arab Emirates.

Improving conditions for mothers and their children in Namibia

mother and children in Namibia Our work in Namibia is improving maternal and child health.

Our African Health Leadership Initiative is creating a replicable model for improving the impact of national health systems, starting in Namibia. Our approach brings together government officials, clinicians, community-based service providers, civil society, and the private sector to create and scale-up new project-based action.

A recent external evaluation of program outcomes credited the initiative with helping health services reach more people in need, and contributing to increased trust at various levels of the health system. For example, ten clinics, including one completely new facility, are bringing ante-natal services to women in previously underserved outlying areas of Windhoek.

The effort is expanding in two ways. The focus is moving beyond maternal and child health to also improve child nutrition. And in terms of geographic reach, we aim to be working in every region of the country by the summer of 2011.

Building the capacity of civil society leaders around the world

Oscar Rojas

“Synergos’ capacity as a convener is enormous. It can identify who is who, who needs what and connect the needer with the provider. Because of that convening capacity, we in Colombia were able to put together an important peace-making initiative for the country.”

Our Senior Fellows Network is comprised of distinguished international civil society leaders committed to collaborative efforts that address the underlying causes of poverty and inequity.

Launched in 1999, the Senior Fellows program links 112 Fellows from close to 40 countries in a worldwide learning, service and action network. Through the three-year fellowship, Fellows have the opportunity to enhance their skills, knowledge, and experience through peer-to-peer learning, annual and regional meetings, learning journeys, workshops, and contact with eminent persons. The network strengthens the capacity of these leaders to be catalysts and play a major role in partnerships that address the systemic causes of poverty and promote sustainable social change.

A global reach

These are just some examples of how Synergos works with partners to mobilize resources and bridge social and economic divides. Other aspects of our work include helping launch multi-stakeholder partnerships in Canada and India, and working with grantmaking organizations in Southern Africa and with major philanthropists around the world to increase the impact of their giving.

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When You Give

Your donation will be used to support our vital work to address poverty and social injustice around the world.

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed under U.S. law and you will receive a receipt for your donation. Synergos is a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

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Top photo: Children who benefit from support from the Community Foundation Western Cape, a Synergos partner in South Africa.