New York Times on Cell Phones for Development

An article by Anand Giridharadas in The New York Times mentions Souktel JobMatch -- an initiative co-founded by Mohammed al-Kilany, a Synergos Arab World Social Innovator -- among examples of how cell phones are being used to advance social, economic and political development around the world.

[B]ecause it reaches so many people, because it is always with you, because it is cheap and sharable and easily repaired, the cellphone has opened a new frontier of global innovation.

Babajob, in Bangalore, India, and Souktel, in the Palestinian territories, offer job-hunting services via text message. Souktel allows users without Internet or fancy phones to register by texting information about themselves. A user who then texts in “match me” will receive a listing of jobs suitable to her, including phone numbers to dial.

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