Synergos Welcomes 2010 Senior Fellows
Twelve Civil Society Leaders to Join Global Leaders Network

New York City (February 3, 2010) -- Twelve exceptional nonprofit leaders have been named Synergos Senior Fellows, joining a network of one hundred other Fellows from more than thirty countries who are committed to collaborative efforts that address the underlying causes of poverty and inequity.

Fellows are selected based on their vision for change, skills, knowledge, experience, and the impact of their work on the communities and countries they serve. Through the Synergos Fellows program, these leaders are linked to a worldwide learning, support and action network, thus creating a laboratory for proven innovators to expand their work through cooperation with other sectors of society and in tandem with the communities they serve.

Robert H. Dunn, President and CEO of Synergos, commented, “The new class of Fellows is a remarkable group of inspiring and inspired leaders who have already demonstrated their unique ability to work with others in bringing about significant and sustainable change. It’s a pleasure and an honor to bring them into the Synergos Senior Fellows network.”

New Senior Fellows

headshotLuiz Alfaya (Brazil) is the CEO of the Ruhka Institute, working toward the eradication of child labor and violence through human development of children and their families, and through supporting local development.

headshotM’hammed Abbad Andaloussi (Morocco) is the president of Al Jisr, working to improve the educational system by mobilizing the collaboration between businesses, the community, and government.

headshotTomaida Banda (Zimbabwe) is the Executive Director of Child Protection Society, an organization that works with vulnerable children and their families.

headshotAgustina Cavanagh (Argentina) is Executive Director of Fundacion Cimientos, working to improve access, permanence, and quality in the formal educational system for children from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

headshotRichard Deckelbaum (Israel) is the director of the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University, integrating basic scientific discovery with capacity-building in global health and health education.

headshotHisham El Rouby (Egypt) is the founder and CEO of Youth and Development Consultancy Institute, working to help youth develop technical and leadership skills and become effective contributors to society.

headshotNeville Gabriel (South Africa) is the founding executive director of the Southern Africa Trust, supporting deeper and wider policy engagement between governments and non-state actors to overcome poverty.

headshotAyla Goksel (Turkey) is CEO of the Mother Child Education Foundation and Hüsnü Özyeğin Foundation, working in the areas of education, women’s empowerment, and rural development.

headshotWangsheng Li (China) is president of ZeShan Foundation, which is committed to improving the lives of the less privileged in the world through the spirit of philanthropy.

headshotK S Murthy (India) is the CEO of Bhavishya Alliance, a multi-sectoral partnership between corporate, government, UNICEF, and civil-society organizations that is co-creating solutions for reduction of child malnutrition.

headerFernanda Bornhausen Sá (Brazil) is the founder and the president of Instituto Voluntarios em Ação, a volunteer center that aims to mobilize, engage, and train volunteers and NGOs.

headshotJohn Ulanga (Tanzania) is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Civil Society, making grants to support multi-sector efforts to fight poverty.

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