Arab World Social Innovators on BBC World Service Radio
June 16, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent Address to the Muslim World put forward a message of social justice, progress and human dignity that resonates with the work Synergos is doing on a global scale. A new relationship has been forged between the United States and the Muslim World based on collaboration and mutual respect, where according to the President, “education and innovation are the currency of the 21st century.”

Of particular significance was the President’s emphasis on social entrepreneurs and their pivotal role in working collaboratively to solve outstanding economic challenges that confront the region. Our network of 22 Social Innovators is collectively answering this call to duty with projects that challenge the systems that continue to perpetuate poverty and social inequality in the Arab world.

Left to right: Synergos’ Anna Ginn, Social Innovator Raghda el-Ebrashi of Egypt, George Khalaf of Synergos, who directs the Social Innovators program, and Social Innovator Kamal Mouzawak of Lebanan at the Skoll World Forum in England earlier this year.

In an attempt to communicate the work of our Social Innovators in a more dynamic way, we wanted to share a radio interview with the BBC World Business Service featuring three of our Innovators who participated in the Skoll World Forum. During this 30-minute interview hosted by BBC’s Peter Day, you will hear Raghda el-Ebrashi, Kamal Mouzawak and Aref Husseini comment on their work, the impact they have made in their program areas and the challenges they confront as local changemakers.

As the Arab World Social Innovators program enters the mid-point in its lifecycle we remain committed to delivering the support, services and development necessary to enable our constituents to be more effective local leaders. Our investment in their projects have already realized positive results as strategic connections, access to global media outlets and professional development training, have enabled our Social Innovators to gain visibility to their work and develop the capacities of their organizations. We look to the next year with continued hope as our Social Innovators continue to grow their programs to create a greater social impact.

More information about Synergos’ Arab World Social Innovators Program is online at