Arab World Social Innovator to be Showcased on CNN International
April 20, 2009

Yousef al-Deek, one of 22 Synergos Arab World Social Innovators, will be featured on CNN International. A special edition of CNN's The Screening Room will showcase the work of filmmakers who are documenting efforts to promote social justice and defend human rights in places from Afghanistan to Myanmar to the Netherlands.

Al-Deek is the founder of the Palestine Mobile Cinema Project, which brings films to communities in the Palestinian territories that have never enjoyed the cultural experience of cinema. CNN followed al-Deek and his volunteer crew as they traveled to the West Bank city of Jenin armed with a projector and screen to share the joy of cinema as an escape for the harsh realities of daily life.

Please check your local cable listings for CNN International's The Screening Room, which will the run the program on the following days and times
All times are Greenwich Mean Time
Wednesday, April 22: 0830 and 1730
Saturday, April 25: 0730 and 1800
Sunday, April 26: 0430 and 1730
Monday, April 27: 0300

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