Alliance Magazine on Getting Global Philanthropy Going

The December, 2004 issue of Alliance magazine includes a special focus on the state of global philanthropy and what needs to be done to keep the growing movement going.

Guest editor Adele Simmons, President of the Global Philanthropy Partnership and a member of Synergos' Board of Directors, assembled a distinguished group of experts from around the globe who provided insights on the current state of giving in their respective regions of the world; views on major topics such as diaspora giving, tax incentives and the< public perception of NGOs; existing and proposed mechanisms to stimulate giving by making it easier; and how to motivate people to give in the first place.

Among the common themes that emerged was the need for givers, both institutional and individual, to have more direct, personal contact with communities where aid is required. Fortunately, this need meshes with a desire on the part of many donors to become personally involved in the process of change.

Alliance will host an online discussion on the subject of promoting global giving on Social Edge early in 2005, using some of the material in its December issue as background reading. For information about the online event, email

Alliance is published quarterly by Allavida ("Alliances for voluntary initiatives and development"), an international development organization based in the United Kingdom.

Written 2004